Flameproofing your draperies is one of our top specialties. Whether you need stage curtains and
theatrical draperies taken down and treated or you require on-site treatment for your hotel venue, our company will handle all your drapery flameproofing needs. As a business owner, you want your facility to be aesthetically appealing to your visitors on first sight.

Every piece of décor is properly placed while every curtain is hung with care. What your guests don’t see in the background are the precise measures of safety you’ve taken to ensure their protection. When it comes to the safety of your facility, we take the matter of public safety seriously.

Peace of Mind

Whether your facility has been in the family for generations or you are a new business owner, we can give you peace of mind. Our family has been in business since 1968. We will treat your family of
businesses like one of our own. We will work with you, around your schedule, and we will work for you
with the utmost of integrity to ensure your facility is up to code.

You’ve put a lot into your business, from dedication in serving your patrons to years of hard work. When it comes to the safety of your facility and your peace of mind, NYC Flameproofing has you and your drapery needs covered. We treat your draperies with the highest quality safety measures in flameproofing, so you can have peace of mind while offering your visitors the best possible experience.