The Story of Fires in Numbers

Posted on August 8th, 2019 by ContentEditor

It takes all kinds of mediums to tell a whole story. Sometimes words are needed to tell a story. Sometimes pictures. And sometimes it’s numbers. When it comes to fires, we often read words and see images, but we aren’t always exposed to the numbers.  Today we’re going to share some important fire statistics. In this way, we can give a fuller picture of the state of fire occurrences in the U.S.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is typically seen as the keeper of all information related to fires in America. They have done a stand-up job in keeping meticulous records of all things pertaining to fires. Today we are going to look at a report from 2017 and study the numbers to get a more accurate picture of fire occurrences today.

When we are looking at instances of fires, in 2017, there were 1.3 million fires across the country that firefighters responded to. Every 24 seconds, the phone rang at the fire department, and they responded to the call. Every 63 seconds, a building fire took place, and every 88 seconds, someone’s home was on fire.

Of those 1.3 million fires, 13% were from arson – 22,500 – and 1.2 million were accidental fires.

You can’t study the numbers from fires without looking at the sad reality of death and injuries. In that same year, home fires contributed to the most loss of life and injury: 77% of deaths from were from a fire in the home; 72% of injuries were also from a fire in the home. The total number of deaths was 3400, and the total number of injuries was 14,670.

Not only is loss of life something to be considered but also loss of property. In 2017, there was $23 billion in damage and loss of property. 

The extensive amount of damage from fires – in loss of life, property, and injuries  – is sometimes hard to comprehend.  Since the impacts of fires are so far-reaching, it is vital to be as well-protected from this tragedy as possible. NYC Flameproofing has served the Greater NYC area for over 50 years, and we would be honored to serve your business as well. If you need a free estimate or have questions or concerns, we’d be happy to speak with you. Please give us a call today! (800) 291-0904



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